How PING works 

What is the idea behind Ping?

Often, you see someone in real life which you would like to connect with – like hey, do you want to go for a coffee? But many times, the situation does not allow it.

Ping is a dating-app that enables users to connect with others based on their live-location in real-time, in real-life. The app lets its users explore who currently is around them. They can send connect requests (Pings) to users they want to connect with. If being accepted, users can chat.

How do I connect with others?

You can send or receive a Ping, which indicates the interest in connecting with someone. If a user gets pinged, location sharing will irrevocably stop for both involved parties (even after potential unpinging / blocking). Received Pings won’t disappear until accepted or rejected. Accepting Pings will open a chat.

Why am I not receiving any Pings?

Most likely, your location is turned off and thus, no one can see and Ping you. Turn on your location more often, especially in crowded areas.

Did you know? You can set a hidden location in “profile/settings/visibility”; when reaching the area around the hidden location, your profile will automatically be hidden.

Why do chats disappear?

Chats are deleted if the users profile gets deleted or if he unpings or blocks you.

Am I always visible to others?

Your profile is only visible on the map when your visibility mode is turned on (even when the app is running in the background). You can turn your live-location off at any time. When being invisible, no one can see and thus Ping you. However, you can still chat and accept / reject previously received Pings.

Did you know? You can set a hidden location in “profile/settings/visibility”; when reaching the area around the hidden location, your profile will automatically be hidden.

Why do I need to verify my profile?

On Ping, we avoid fake profiles and disrespectful behavior by verifying each user’s profile picture.

How do I verify my profile?

While setting up your account, we will ask you once to take a verification picture. This picture won’t be shown to anyone and only be used to verify your profile picture. You can upload further pictures without any restrictions.

Why can’t my picture get verified?

Photo verification may fail due to insufficient quality of the profile- or verification picture. Just use a different selfie or try to take another verification photo. If this doesn’t help, please contact us.

Does it cost anything to use Ping?

No. All main features are free (Spot, Ping, Chat). However, you can soon subscribe to Ping Plus which will enable advanced features.

Can I pause / delete my account?

Currently, you can only stay invisible and, if needed, delete all your connections. Alternatively, you may delete your entire profile by using the delete option in “profile/settings/delete”; it will be deleted permanently, but you can sign up again at any time.

Safety on PING

What information am I sharing?

When your visibility is turned on, you share your profile picture, username, and location. By tapping on your picture on the map screen, you can review how your profile looks to others.
Once you connect with someone, they will be able to see all your uploaded pictures, bio, and age (if provided). In the profile editor, you can review how your profile appears to connected users.

How can I report someone?

It is important that our users feel comfortable and safe. You can either disconnect (unping) or report anyone by using the menu in their profile. Reported users won’t be notified.

What happens to reported users?

With Ping, we aim to ensure a safe and respectful environment that enables strangers to connect. Users who justifiably got reported will be permanently banned from Ping based on their facial metrics, and thus, won’t be able to sign-up again.

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